Creative nonfiction:

Table Talk: The Threepenny Review, fall 2022

My Father’s English: Changing Language, Changing Class: Entropy Magazine, February 8, 2018; The Carolina Reader for English 101, MacMillan Learning, 2020 & 2021; Top Hat digital textbook, 2022-2025

So the Wasps Won’t Sting: Atticus Review, May 31, 2018 & Atticus Review Annual, vol. 2, 2019

Blinded by the Light: Atticus Review, October 11, 2018

The Hamburglar: The Rumpus, October 2018

JMWW Journal: Saskatchewan, September 10, 2018

Swiss Army Knife: Hippocampus Magazine, July 10, 2018

Hometown journalism and op-eds:

When art and literature are grooming tactics: The Commons, December 15, 2021*

Self-protection should be the WSESD’s last priority: The Commons, October 27, 2021

No more secrecy: The Commons, August 11, 2021*

*These two reported viewpoints were awarded first place for Investigative/Enterprise Reporting in the New England News and Press Association’s 2022 Better Newspaper Competition, as part of a series with Virginia Ray’s reporting on the school district’s response.